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  • 183 m2
  • 5 Beds
  • 1 Garage
  • 3 Baths

If you want to have a typical Cunit house with its thick whitewashed walls and its windows with wooden shutters, high ceilings, don’t miss this opportunity.
The house is to be completely renovated. If the facade were to be maintained, it would be of historical-cultural interest.
The house has two floors with an interior patio and terraces. It has an entrance on the ground floor at street level, on one side there is a large garage with different apartments, it has a bathroom, access to the garden and on the other side of the house with a kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.
Going up through internal stairs you access the first floor where the house is located with a hall and distributor, kitchen, living room with access to the terrace, 3 large bedrooms and bathroom.
This property is a single unit divided into two houses with a large garage, with different dependencies, interior garden and terraces

It is located in the historic center of Cunit, where all the family businesses, town hall services, supermarkets, interurban and urban bus stop, train station and the beach are located.

Agent Info:

Mobile: 677 08 91 90 Office: 977 67 48 80