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  • 90 m2
  • 3 Beds
  • 1 Garage
  • 2 Baths

Do you want to live in a house that meets the requirements for summer and the spaciousness to live all year round?
Summer: Entrance to private garden, 2 large porches (exit from living room and main living room), terrace and barbecue and small garden. You go directly to the community area.
Community area of 12 houses with a 12 m x 6 m pool, petanque and garden. Quiet and family atmosphere.
All year round: very correct size, living room with fireplace, kitchen with column for oven and microwave and built-in dishwasher, 2 double bedrooms + 1 single room, bathroom with bathtub with window in the ceiling, sink with shower and tilt-and-turn window, laundry room and storage room.
Included in the price is an underground parking space with electric gate and tiled storage room.
Materials, wood-colored aluminum exterior carpentry, portholes with light graduation, smooth interior doors in wenge color with silver handle, kitchen with marble front and ceiling-mounted furniture.
2-story house, all exterior, with beautiful views of the green area.
The house is located in the Can Nicolau area, very close to the urban bus stop, close to schools, shopping centers, beach and train.

Agent Info:

Mobile: 677 08 91 90 Office: 977 67 48 80